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Three Olin Alumni Attend the Small Satellite Conference in Utah

Aug 7, 2023

Recent graduates present years of OSSTP work including SWARM-EX and space sustainability projects

Last weekend, three Olin alumni attended the Small Satellite Conference in Logan, Utah (Celvi Lisy ‘23, Argyris Kriezis ‘22, and Kyle Emmi ‘20). Celvi Lisy and Argyris Kriezis attended the conference to present research they had conducted as part of the Olin Satellite + Spectrum Technology and Policy Group. Both Lisy and Kriezis presented on the structure and ground station design of SWARM-EX project, a project that they’ve both been a part of for four years. Additionally, Celvi presented on deorbit compliance tools for satellites to conform to new FCC regulations, a new space sustainability project part of OSSTP.

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