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Black Sky

Interference Analysis

Interference and coexistence related research was conducted by Braden Oh and Lilo Heinrich, who continued investigation of the static Interference-to-Noise (I/N) values for rising mega-constellations from Telesat, SpaceX, and OneWeb and developed a software tool capable of conducting a dynamic I/N analysis to aid future investigations of systems that potentially violate ITU limits. The tool computes the interference over time and summarizes compliance to the long- and short- term limits described in ITU-R F.1495. 


Static I/N investigations revealed that Telesat and OneWeb meet interference requirements set by the ITU in worst-case alignment scenarios, but SpaceX did not, due to an exception in minimum elevation angle to achieve coverage of polar regions. The static I/N analysis of the aforementioned systems were compiled into a paper entitled “Interference-to-Noise (I/N) Compliance Validation of Telesat, OneWeb and SpaceX’s 2020 Ka-Band NGSO FCC Processing Round Applications” and was accepted for publication and presentation at the AIAA SciTech Conference held in January 2023.

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