Modern Low-Cost Phased Array Technologies and Accompanying Fixed Satellite Service (FSS) Regulatory Requirements

IEEE International Symposium on Phased Array Systems and Technology, Waltham, MA

Tan, A. and Lohmeyer, W.Q.

October 2022

Kriezis, A., Lisy, C., Miner, G., Hu, L., Mah, R., Cochran-Lepiz, C., Lohmeyer, W.Q

April 2022

Lisy, C., Hu, L., Oh, B., Kriezis, A., Lohmeyer, W.Q.

19th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop

April 2022

Analysis of Single Event Effects in Small Satellites

Oh, B., Tran, G., Lisy, C., Campola, M., Milanowski, R., Palo, S., Lohmeyer, W.Q.

Small Satellite Conference, Logan, UT.

August 2022

U.S Market Access Authorization Timeline Analysis for Mega Constellation Networks

Kriezis, A., Lohmeyer, W.

April 2022

19th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop

Oh, B., Lisy, C., Tran, G., Palo, S., Lohmeyer, W.Q.

April 2022

The Space Weather Atmospheric Atmospheric Reconfigurable Multiscale Experiment

Palo, S., Lohmeyer, W. Q., Fitzpatrick, D., Agarwal, R., Kriezis, A., Pilinski, M., Thayer, J., Rainville, N., Lightsey, G., Lemmer, K., Latif, S., Damico, S., and SWARM-EX Team 

July 2022

An Undergraduate-level, Problem-based Introduction to Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing

IEEE Frontiers in Education (FIE), Uppsala, Sweden


Boyalakuntla, P.,, Goldwater, M., Gupta, U., Lohmeyer, W.Q., Govindasamy, S.

October 2022.



Maximizing Mission Utility within Operational Constraints for the SWARM-EX CubeSat Mission

Fitzpatrick, D., Bauch, E., Agarwal, R., Palo, S.

December 29, 2021

Coordinating Development of the SWARM-EX CubeSat Swarm Across Multiple Institutions

2021 Small Satellite Conference

Agarwal, R., Oh, B., Fitzpatrick, D., Buynovskiy, A., Lowe, S., Lisy, C., Kriezis, A., Lan, B., Lee, Z., Thomas, A., Wallace, B., Costantino, E., Miner, G., Thayer, J., D’Amico, S., Lemmer, K., Lohmeyer, W.Q., Palo, S.E.

August 2021

SWARM-EX Educational Programs in the Development of a Collaborative CubeSat Swarm

18th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop

Lemmer, K., Thomas, A., Wallace, B., Agarwal, R., Mah, R., Lohmeyer, W.Q. Palo, S., Latif, S.

April 2021

Post-Mission Disposal (PMD) Validation of FCC's Ka-band NGSO Processing Round Participants

2021 IEEE Aerospace Conference

Lisy, C., Agarwal, R., Kriezis, A., Seitelman, O., Mah, R., Lohmeyer, W.Q.

March 2021

Antenna Performance Specifications for Ka-/Ku-Band User Terminals for LEO Satellite Communications

Gupta, U., Tan, A., Liu, J., Lohmeyer, W.Q.

August 2021

Modern Flat Panel Antenna Technology for Ku-/Ka-Band User Terminals in LEO Satellite Communications Systems

Gupta, U., Tan, A., Liu, J., Lohmeyer, W.Q.

September 2021

3U CubeSat Structure Design and Analysis for SWARM-EX Low Earth Orbit Mission

18th Annual CubeSat Developers Workshop

Kriezis, A., Lisy, C., Agarwal, R., Costantino, E., Lan, B., Fitzpatrick, D., Wallace, B., Jewell-Alibhai, T., Lohmeyer, W.Q., Palo, S.

April 2021

Power Flux Density (PFD) Compliance Validation of FCC’s Ka-band Processing Round Participants

2021 IEEE Aerospace Conference

Kriezis, A., Agarwal, R., Lisy, C., Seitelman, O., Mah, R., Gupta, U., Lohmeyer, W.Q.

March 2021


The Space Weather Atmospheric Reconfigurable Multiscale Experiment (SWARM-EX): A New NSF Supported Cubesat Project