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SpectrumX – Top University Teams Join Forces to Pursue NSF Center Opportunity

Nov 12, 2020

Four teams awarded planning grants through the National Science Foundation’s (NSF’s) new Spectrum Innovation Initiative (SII) are merging to create a comprehensive, interdisciplinary plan for a 5-year, $25M National Center for Wireless Spectrum Research (SII-Center).

Whitney Lohmeyer, Assistant Professor of Engineering at Olin College, is enthusiastic about the prospects: “As the first engineer at OneWeb, and as an advisor to several satellite broadband entities, I have found myself in the trenches of regulatory coexistence issues among the satellite communications, 5G terrestrial wireless, and radio astronomy (RAS) communities. Based upon my personal experience, the SII-Center presents a tremendous opportunity to not only conduct innovative research and influence regulatory policy, but also to better prepare a diverse workforce of scientists and engineers for our future.” Read more at

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