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2022 Bay Area Aerospace Industry Tour

Jun 8, 2022

Ten OSSTP Group undergraduate students and one post doc attended a 4-day trip to the Bay Area with Prof. Whitney Lohmeyer for a tour of the Aerospace Industry.

Ten OSSTP Group undergraduate students and one post doc attended the 2022 Bay Area Aerospace Industry Tour with Prof. Whitney Lohmeyer. This four day trip began on June 5th, 2022, and consisted of two days packed full of tours.This trip was made possible thanks to the generous funding of the Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) Grant and to Olin College of Engineering, as well as all the individuals who gave their time and other resources – Laurie Yoler and Ben Lenail, Maryanna Saenko and Adam Lambert.

The itinerary of the first tour day included: 

  • Xona Space Systems with Brian Manning, CEO 

  • Maxar led by Chris Coker, 

  • Silicon Valley driving tour of Google and Steve Job’s Garage

  • Stanford’s Space Environment and Satellite Systems Lab with Dr. Lee  

  • Stanford’s Space Rendezvous Laboratory with Shane Lowe

  • Skylo with Parth Trivedi and the Skylo Team 

  • Dinner and Happy hour with industry leaders like: Natalya Bailey, Hemant Chaurasia, Mike Cassidy, Maureen Haverty, George Hansel


Whereas the itinerary for the second day included: 

  • San Francisco tour - Golden Gate Bridge and local picnic

  • Planet Labs led by Joe Mascaro - Director of Science Programs

  • Loft Orbital - Alex Greenberg, COO and co-founder

  • Olin Alumni Evening Event in downtown San Francisco

Read the full Trip, including student experiences and highlights, here

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