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Dish Antenna

UHF Satellite Ground Station

OCARC conducted extensive research before building our ground station. After comparing many types of radios, antennas, and ground station set-ups, we decided an SDR and a directional antenna best fit our ground station needs. We decided that the best way to test this completely new setup was to build and test four simple omnidirectional eggbeater antennas. We chose to use an SDR because it is easily programmable and allows us to simulate a radio using our computers. Eventually, our ground station will be able to contact other ham stations as well as satellites, space stations, and more.

SWARM-EX Ground Station (2).png
Roger that.PNG

Roger That, Boston

July 2021

Student ham radio enthusiasts use their engineering knowledge to communicate globally and lend a hand locally. 

Screenshot 2023-02-06 171547.png

Ground Station Diagram

Read our paper on Power Flux Density here.
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